About EMAC

EMAC was co-founded by Brian Lowry and Mike Sywyk at the urging of their fellow Chief Instructors in Eastern Ontario, and also many of their own students.

EMAC President Brian Lowry, 6th degree Black Belt, Chief Instructor for more than 30 years at the Napanee Karate Club, has served a three year term as National President of another Martial Arts Federation. Sensei Lowry brings structure, organization, and good business practice to any Dojo willing to learn. As a licensed teacher in Ontario's Public Schools for 33 years, with experience as a classroom Teacher, Guidance Counselor, Special Education Consultant, and Principal, his expertise encompasses many areas that Instructors can use in their own Dojo.

Sensei Mike Sywyk, Chief Instructor for 20 years at Eastwind Budo Life in Ottawa, and six times training at the Jundokan in Okinawa, continues his role as Technical Advisor. With membership in the Jundokan as an Affiliate Dojo, a direct student of Sensei Jean Frenette, and wide experience in teaching many styles of Martial Arts in Canada and Europe, Sensei Mike Sywyk offers top notch instruction for anyone willing to leave their ego at the door.